How to create a gorgeous natural purple eyes

A stunning natural purple eye is a great way to showcase your natural beauty and bring in some more light.

Here’s how to achieve the look.1.

First of all, choose a natural purple eyeliner that matches your skin tone.

You can choose to use a natural pink eyeliner, natural blue, natural red or a combination of the two.2.

Add a few natural flowers to the top of the lid, as these will add a natural touch to the eyeliner.3.

Using the eyeliners, gently apply a thin layer of a natural green or red colour over the inner corner of the eye.4.

Apply a small amount of a soft, watery eye primer, such as Tarte Rouge Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer.5.

Apply the shade over the upper lash line, which will accentuate the natural purple colours of your eyes.6.

Next, apply the shade to the inner lid.

Make sure you use a thick liner to make sure you don’t break out the natural colours in your eyeliner!7.

To achieve a more intense effect, use a gel liner, as this will help to create more of a shadow and accentuate your natural colour.8.

Finally, apply a tiny amount of mascara to your eye.