‘Star Trek’ will bring back “Star Trek” costumes, but only in space

Beyonce Natural Hair is the brand that made a name for itself with the “Star Wars” movie series and a line of high-end line of “Starcraft” gear.

Now the company is bringing that experience to the world of space.

As Polygon first reported in October, Beyonces Natural Hair has been working on the project since 2016.

They’ve been working closely with NASA to develop a series of high performance spacecraft uniforms that are designed to be able to take off and land safely on planets, moons and other celestial bodies.

“We’re working with NASA on the space suit and we’re going to be using their space suits, so we have some sort of suit that will look like the ‘Star Wars’ suits,” Beyoncet Hair CEO and co-founder Joe Schiraldi said in an interview with Polygon.

“It will be more like the original ‘Star Tours’ suits that were worn on the ‘Twilight’ sets.”

The suits will have some additional features, including “space gloves” that can be attached to the suit to allow for better maneuvering and more efficient control.

There will also be a “StarTrek” logo on the back of the suit.

The suits won’t be made in the U.S., but they will be manufactured in Canada and Mexico, where Beyoncesthe company has a plant that makes the uniforms.

The suits will also come with custom-designed, high-performance solar panels, which can be integrated with the suit’s solar panels.

They will be made of synthetic fabrics that will be UV-resistant, but that will also provide additional protection from UV-trapping agents like DEPs.

A full list of the company’s uniforms can be seen below.

They’re described as “Star trek”-inspired, but without the “tears of fear” that character actors wear in the films.

We’re not sure if the uniforms will have the same effects as the suits worn by the actors, but it is possible.

BeyonCE Natural Hair will be selling these suits for $5,000 each.

The company plans to make the suits available for purchase in 2018, and is also working with a number of major U.K. and European retailers to sell them.

We’ve reached out to Beyoncos Natural Hair for more information, and will update if we hear back.