How to identify a native species

The Australian Wildlife Service is investigating after a video posted online shows the moment a male native animal appeared to be attempting to mate with a female.

Key points:The video shows the male animal standing and gesturing at the female to get her attentionThe male is seen looking directly at the camera for a few secondsThe male appears to be standing for a while, before he moves on to another animalThe male was filmed on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, in August 2017The clip shows a male Australian wild animal standing with his back to the camera, gesturing to the female and standing for several seconds.

In the footage, the male appears relaxed as he moves around on a sandbank before he finally stops and stands with his head on the ground.

“The male [the male] seems to be a little bit lost, he looks a little lost, like he doesn’t know where to go,” wildlife officer Scott Kline said.

“It was a bit odd because I’ve seen animals that come and go but there was no other animal in the area at the time.”

Mr Kline has been working with a Queensland wildlife officer on the case.

“I think he had a bit of a problem with a wild animal he’d been seeing,” he said.

In a statement, the wildlife service said it was aware of the video.

“At this stage it is unclear if the male was actually mating with a specific animal or if he was simply following a female,” it said.

The agency has asked the man’s owner to contact them.