Which natural gas companies have been most profitable in recent years?

Natural gas companies haven’t been profitable for a while, but they’re still making a lot of money.

The companies are getting more and more attention due to the explosion in natural gas drilling, as well as an increased demand for natural gas.

The industry has been profitable at some point in the past, but not at a level that is generating the kind of economic growth that is necessary to keep the industry alive.

The industry is experiencing some ups and downs as it looks to compete with other natural gas-producing countries, like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, but the growth that has been experienced over the last few years has been enough to keep things going for a bit longer.

The Natural Gas Association of America (NGA) recently released its quarterly earnings report for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2017.NGA President Tom Hensley said that the company’s earnings for the year are actually higher than the company had expected.

The average company was expecting $1.78 per share, according to the company.

NGA said that instead, the average company earned $1,769.82 per share.

The company is expecting $2.18 per share this year, but it will be in the $2 per share range for 2018.

Nga expects the average natural gas extraction plant to produce around 4.8 billion cubic feet of natural gas for each barrel of gas extracted, with around 13 percent of that coming from new drilling.

The NGA estimates that natural gas is the second largest energy source, after coal, accounting for a larger portion of overall energy demand in the United States.

The natural gas industry is estimated to have about $5.8 trillion in global reserves, which would mean that natural resources play an important role in the economy.