Which is the better natural-green eyes?

Natural-green or natural-purple eyes?

Natural-purples eyes are those with a greenish tint, usually due to a combination of pigment and keratin.

However, many natural-blue eyes also contain keratin, and many people find that natural-pink eyes are more flattering than natural-orange.

Natural-pinks and natural-cyan eyes, on the other hand, are naturally yellow, while natural-yellow is a combination that includes a mixture of yellow and blue.

Natural pink is most commonly found in the face, but there are also natural pink eyes for people with darker skin tones.

Natural green eyes are often mistaken for blue, but are actually a mixture between blue and green.

Natural yellow and natural blue eyes are usually used for night-time wear, although they can also be used as eyeshadow.

Natural purple eyes are slightly different, but often used for makeup.

They are often used in combination with green eyes.

Natural red eyes are the least common eyes color, and are typically used for highlighting the skin.

The natural color of a eye can be changed by adding a natural pigment or using a pigmented eye liner.

If you have a natural red eye, it is usually much darker than a natural green eye.

A natural-red eye is also often considered the darker of the two colors, but is much more likely to be worn as a tint, and is often more flattering.

Natural black, natural green, and natural purple eyes all have similar properties.

Some natural-black eyes have a slight greenish undertone and may look slightly greenish or brownish, while some natural-brown eyes have an earthy undertone that may be a mixture with a yellow or blue color.

Natural shades are also often used to make natural-golden or natural yellow eyes, while those with black or brown eyes are commonly used for blue eyes.