Trump’s war on the natural-law system is killing the planet

A new book claims President Donald Trump’s recent moves to undermine the legal framework governing natural-life protection, including an executive order mandating that federal agencies consider “natural laxatives” in their treatment of invasive species, is killing our planet.

“It’s the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history,” said Daniel B. Inouye, president and CEO of the Natural Law Institute.

“There are billions of dollars at stake for this administration, and it will be very difficult for them to get out of it.”

Inouye is a senior fellow at the Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit group that advocates for the rights of Americans to preserve and use natural resources.

He said that, in his view, Trump’s orders are the biggest threat to the environment in U,S.

political history.

“The administration has made it clear that the Trump administration will not tolerate natural law in its efforts to limit the environmental damage from climate change, natural hazards, pollution, overfishing, habitat loss, and other issues,” Inouyes said.

“It has already started to reverse protections in federal land management, including by the Trump EPA, which has issued numerous regulations on public lands, and by the President’s Department of Agriculture.

This action is a clear indication that Trump will continue to attack environmental protections and take steps to undermine their value.”

The Natural Law Initiative, which was formed by Inouyas son, said in a statement that it was concerned by “the Trump administration’s efforts to impose new regulations on federal lands and waterways that could endanger the health and well-being of our nation’s wild and scenic areas, as well as the ability of millions of Americans who rely on them to protect their health and livelihoods.”

The group cited a number of actions by the administration as threatening to the natural environment, including its recent moves in states like New Mexico, Arizona and Utah to restrict the use of natural laxative and insect repellents.

The order from Trump’s Interior Department directs federal agencies to consider “new” natural products in their decisions on whether to take steps against invasive species.

In addition, the order requires agencies to assess the safety of natural products before they’re used.

Natural-law advocates said they’re worried that the administration is putting more money into the hands of big oil and agribusiness companies, whose interests the administration has long favored.

In the last two years, the administration’s budget for the Department of the Interior has increased by more than 5%, and the Department for the Environment and the Atmosphere’s budget increased by 7.5% in that time.

“In order to make the environment safe, the president and his administration need to be willing to go against the wishes of the American people and the environmental community,” Inoukye said.