Natural State Jackpot: The Nature Conservancy is giving away the nature lottery to the world!

Hacker News / The Associated Press story (Photo: The Associated, The Nature Reserves)The Nature Conservancies website has a list of about 80 million species, which it uses to generate the “natural state lottery” that awards the winners a $20,000 cash prize.

The lottery winners have until Nov. 30 to claim the prize.

The lottery is for all non-native species, including insects and birds.

It does not include reptiles, amphibians or other animals that are native to the United States.

“We think that natural state jackpots are an incredibly valuable way to help preserve a unique and unique ecosystem,” said David J. Smith, the organization’s executive director.

“But there are always a few surprises, and we thought this was one of them.”

The lottery winner will be notified in a letter by the conservation organization in the next 30 days, Smith said.

The Nature Resorts resort in the Mojave Desert in California is part of the Nature Conservats National Park System.

The resort is owned by the Nature Resours.

In addition to the $20 million jackpot, the Nature conservancies website says the winning entrant will receive a gift certificate for the resort and “will be given a unique certificate that will be mailed to the winner.”

The Nature conservancy has also given away $1 million in a lottery to three lucky people, but did not say how many had won.

“That $1,000 would go toward conservation efforts, including the preservation of the park and the park’s surrounding environment,” Smith said in a statement.

The money is to be used for “all programs and activities that support the natural state lottery.”

The winner of the lottery will receive $5,000 in cash and a special prize of $1.5 million, which is split equally between the two winners.