Natural hair salon opens in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — Natural hair salon owner Jana and her husband, Mike, opened their first natural hair salon in San Jose on Wednesday.

The salon is located in the old San Jose City Hall on the first floor of a former auto body shop, where they opened in June.

“I was excited to open up this natural hair shop,” Jana said.

“The beauty industry is changing, and we wanted to be able to offer the best of both worlds.”

Natural Hair Salon, which has been open since April, has been a regular in the San Francisco Bay Area for years.

They specialize in haircuts and skincare and offer a wide selection of haircuts including black and tan, straight hair, curly and frizzy.

It’s the latest addition to their portfolio of natural hair care services in the Bay Area.

Mike, who also owns The Hairbrush, a hair care line, said they have been trying to open their own salon in the area since 2016.

Jana said the salon will offer natural hair services to both men and women.

While it may sound like a little bit of a luxury salon, it’s actually quite affordable for the business owners.

Each salon will have a stylist and a hair stylist who will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As of Tuesday, the salon had booked more than 4,200 appointments, but Jana’s husband said they could probably double that in a month.

Natural Beauty Hair Salon owner J.T. Sells said that while he was a hair salon operator in the 1960s, he has never seen so many people come together in one place.

He said he thinks that’s what people want in a hair-care business and that natural hair is one of the things that attracts people to it.

And he said it can be quite expensive.

Sells said he estimates that each appointment costs around $50, although the prices vary depending on the style and amount of product in the salon.

At The Hair Brush, they have a 30-minute appointment for $20 and an hour appointment for about $50.

Other San Jose businesses that specialize in natural hair products include Natural Hair Salon Salon, The Beauty Shop and The Hair Salon.