Dragon name sparks uproar among Israelis

A dragon named Nature Boy is causing a stir among Israelis.

The dragon, named Natural Born Killer, has been named Natural born killer in Hebrew for the fact that it is born from the blood of an ancient dragon.

According to The Jerusalem Times, Natural Born killer is a term that is commonly used to refer to any killer that does not kill humans but is nevertheless capable of inflicting harm on humans.

It’s also known as a dragon that has killed humans, but it’s not the first dragon that’s come to Hebrews attention.

In the past year, there have been numerous dragons in Hebrews dictionaries and on the internet.

One of the more recent dragons to catch the public’s attention was the Black Dragon, a dragon who lived in the same place as King Jefre (the king of Egypt).

The dragon was a huge beast that lived in ancient Egypt.

Its scales were so thick that it could hide behind a rock.

Its claws could pierce through rock and earth.

Its long neck, which resembled that of a lion’s, gave it a fearsome look.

A few years ago, the Black dragon was seen in the Egyptian temple in Luxor, a city in northern Egypt.

Egyptian culture has always been associated with its mythology and mythology is a key part of Egyptian identity.

The ancient Egyptians also created a lot of myths about dragons and other mythical creatures.

For example, one of the most famous myths about the black dragon, the Red Dragon, says that its owner was a giant crocodile named Crocodile King.

The crocodile king would visit the king, but he was unable to see him, so he was able to kill him by slicing off his tail.