What’s natural about natural hair?

The natural hair twist was invented by a group of American women who want to preserve their natural hair while avoiding the damaging chemicals that have become a staple in natural hair products.

The twist was created by a small group of women who believe natural hair can be natural, and not just cosmetic.

“Our twist is a way for women to protect their natural beauty, preserve their hair and help maintain their health,” a post on the group’s website reads.

Natures Twist is a small but growing movement, and it started with women like Jessica Cram, a social media and makeup designer from Atlanta, Georgia.

Cram started using natural hair care products, which she uses with her hair as well as her fingers and toes.

After reading about the twist, she began researching the benefits and saw that the twist helped preserve her natural hair.

Since then, she’s found that natural hair is healthier than synthetic products, and that natural products are more environmentally friendly.

Cram’s twist, on the other hand, contains no chemicals, and instead, she said it helps her maintain a healthier look.

“Natural hair is not just an illusion, it is a true natural health product,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“This twist is designed to help me retain healthy natural hair, while at the same time preventing harmful chemicals from entering my system.”

Natural Hair Twist is still in its early stages, but it already has more than 1,000 followers.

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