Three natural gas pipelines are in danger of being shut down due to the hurricane

Three natural-gas pipelines have been shut down by Hurricane Matthew, leaving New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware without electricity and causing widespread disruption, Gov.

Chris Christie said Monday.

The shuttering of the pipeline networks, which carry natural-sourced gas, is “not just bad for our environment, but bad for New Jerseyans,” he said.

Christie added that he will work with state lawmakers to develop a plan to reroute the pipelines, which run through the Garden State.

The pipeline networks will be rerouted once the storm passes, the governor said in a statement.

The natural-energy-producing pipelines, including the NJ-Penn line and the Delaware-Newark line, are located in the eastern half of the state.

Christie has called on the state to shut down the lines, saying they could be used for fossil fuel extraction and are a threat to the state’s environment.

He has also called for the construction of a natural-fuel power plant on the southern end of the pipelines.

Christie made the remarks in an interview with CBS New York on Monday.