The dragon naturally speaking

Google News article Nature, the land, the animals, the sky, the water, and the moon.

It’s all in the name.

That’s the title of the new documentary series The Dragon Naturally Speaking.

The first season of the documentary series is now available to stream on Google Play and YouTube.

The Dragon Naturally Speaks is a new series of short documentaries that follows a dragon in the wilds of South Africa.

The series was conceived and shot by filmmaker Paul Stoddart.

The aim of the series is to tell the story of nature and its creatures from the point of view of a dragon and his faithful followers.

Stoddart has been working in wildlife and nature documentaries for more than 20 years.

The documentary series was inspired by his love of nature, which led him to explore the stories of animals across different regions of Africa.

The series also highlights the many other aspects of nature that we can learn from.

There are many aspects of wildlife and plant life that we may not have understood before.

The dragon is just one of them.

In the first episode of the Dragon Naturally Spoken, the dragon’s flock of birds take flight.

The camera pans up to show a flock of wild birds perched atop a rocky outcrop.

It is the first time the dragons flock can be seen from the air.

The birds then glide over the rocky outcropping to gather food.

The dragon naturally speaks to the camera: “The sky, land, and animals are all in your mind.”

In the second episode, the dragons flocks can be heard as they flock in the same place.

The scene switches to the scene of a young dragon watching his flock of flock.

He begins to sing the birds’ song: “There’s a sky, there’s a land, there are animals everywhere.

It all comes to mind at once.

There is no place where you can’t see.”

The second episode also highlights a dragon’s flight through the sky.

A large flock of dragons can be spotted flying overhead.

The dragons wings flutter.

The animals are ready to take off, but the dragon stops and sings the song again.

He says: “That’s why we have to stay.

That is what we do.”

The dragons words capture the essence of the dragon in his nature, and he continues his song:”You are the source of all things, the sun, the moon, the stars.

You are the world, the universe, the cosmos.”

The dragon is also the narrator of the story, saying: “Myself, I am the sky.”