How a brother nature photo has made a big impact on a few kids’ lives

Posted July 31, 2018 04:18:48 I was talking to my brother about the picture that he had just sent me.

It was a cute photo of a little girl and her father playing on the beach.

It showed her smiling and laughing.

“It was really sweet,” he said.

“She was like, ‘Oh, my God!

This is my dad!'”

The photo had a profound impact on him.

“I was just like, I want to get this picture in the family album,” he says.

“The picture was a huge influence.”

I’m not sure he knows how it feels to receive that photo every day.

I’m sure it’s a very emotional thing for him to see it on the front of the photo album.

He thinks of it all the time.

“Sometimes I just want to grab it and go and grab some of my favourite things and stuff,” he tells me.

“And then I’ll just start scrolling through the pictures and I’ll see pictures from my day.”

For a brother, he sees the photo more as a reminder that we’re all connected.

“We’re all brothers, so that means I’m going to want to see my little brother too,” he explains.

“So I’ll go look at my family album and I can see pictures of my cousins and friends and my siblings.”

It’s a memory he shares with all of us.

The picture has brought him so much joy, and it’s also given him a unique perspective on the world.

“For a brother like me, I can actually look at all of these pictures and see my family and I see my friends, I see all of the pictures from our day together and all of this stuff and I know I have that little picture that I always wanted to have,” he smiles.

And he knows it’s because of the picture.

It’s the reason why he’s the happiest he’s ever been.

“But I’ve also seen a few other pictures in the past, and I’ve seen pictures of people who’ve been to Disneyland,” he admits.

“That was the one picture that really hit home for me.”

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