How to make a natural eyelash extension

Natural eyelash extenders are a great way to improve your natural appearance, so you can keep your lashes on longer and look younger. These products, which are available in a variety of different formulations and formulas, will give your natural lashes more volume, lengthen their length and help your natural features look natural.The best part? they’re free […]

Natural hot springs have been popping up in the US for years, but now the trend is making its way to Canada

Natural hot spring locations are popping up around the world, with many looking to soak up a little sunshine while they’re at it.In a bid to provide a bit of the warmth and freshness of the outdoors, many places have been experimenting with natural hot spring pools.Some have even gone so far as to call […]

When Nature Helps Natural Hair: Natural Ant Killer Gets A Boost

Natural ant killer may not be a household name these days, but it’s definitely worth a look for the people who love their hair, especially if you want to keep it looking its best for years to come.It’s one of the natural anti-bacterial products that’s available in grocery stores, but is it as effective as […]

Which natural hair products can you buy with a healthy alternative to shampoo and conditioner?

Natural hair products that look great with natural hair have a lot to offer, from natural pigments to natural oils, according to the Natural Hair Association (NHA), a trade group representing the hair care industry.Natural hair products with synthetic ingredients can also be found in many beauty and grooming stores, including many natural beauty brands […]

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