What you need to know about natural selection

The concept of natural selection is an important one, and it’s something that we’ve seen in countless movies, TV shows, and books over the past hundred years.

The idea that natural selection works as it does is a cornerstone of the human race’s evolution, and the reason we are here in this planet today.

But when it comes to our evolution, natural selection can be more complicated than that.

There’s also a big difference between a natural selection system that allows us to breed better and a system that helps us avoid reproducing ourselves.

That’s the topic of our next video, “How to Stop Having Natural Selection on Your Mind.”

The key to understanding natural selection, and how it works, is to understand how we evolve.

We don’t have to go back to the distant past to understand this.

But we do have to understand the mechanisms that drive evolution.

And those mechanisms are much more complicated and far-reaching than you might think.

This series of videos is a guide to understanding how natural selection functions, and why it matters.

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